Angry mob burn suspected robber alive in Port Harcourt

Another case of jungle justice has been recorded in Nigeria where a suspected thief was burnt alive in Port Harcourt.

This man was burnt alive in Nigeria

According to a video posted by an eyewitness, this suspected thief was burnt alive by an angry mob in Port Harcourt.

In the graphic video, the young man who was well and truly beaten before being set ablaze, is heard screaming the name of Jesus several times and begging for his life to be spared but the crowd will have none of that as they made sure he was set on fire.

It was gathered by the person who posted the video that the man was a member of a robbery gang that attacked the community but was the unlucky one to be nabbed while the others managed to escape.

Instead of handing him over to the police, the mob took the laws into their hands and meted out instant jungle justice on him.

Warning: This video is very graphic.


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