“Anybody that forgives you for cheating is also cheating” – Lady claims

A lady has said that jubilating for having been forgiven after cheating on one’s partner is naivety because anyone who forgives a cheating partner is also likely to be cheating and will ask for mercy in the near future.

“Anybody that forgives you for cheating is also cheating – Lady claims

In the view of the Twitter user identified as @FunmiKolz, when people are forgiven after cheating, they should bear in mind that the forgiver is creating fertile ground to seek forgiveness too when caught cheating.


“Anybody that forgives you for cheating is also cheating,” she wrote on her Twitter page.

Her claim has ignited numerous reactions from her followers with some people agreeing with her while others disagree, saying her assertion cannot be true in all cases.

The debate in relation to her tweet became so heated that @FunmiKo was compelled to return to the post to plead for civility in the reactions devoid of insults.


“You can disagree with me, but don’t come here insulting me. I’m not the one who said you should keep taking a cheat back,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, in other news, a determined groom and a bride who refused to allow fatal flooding to spoil their wedding sat in a huge cooking pot and floated to the equally flooded wedding auditorium.

Although the flooding that occurred in the southern state of Kerala in India caused a lot of destruction and killed 27 people, the couple identified as Akash and Aishwarya chose to go ahead with their wedding at all costs on that day.


The couple reportedly borrowed the aluminium cooking pot from a local temple and sat in it while facing each other and latching on its edges firmly.

According to, two men and a photographer paddled the pair down a submerged street to a small partially flooded temple in Thalavady safe and dry.

They then exchanged floral garlands, a tradition in many Hindu wedding ceremonies, the news outlet added.

Video footage of the incident was uploaded to social media and it has gone global and attracted numerous reactions.



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