Archbishop embarks on a one-man protest with a heavy coffin on his head

Archbishop Samson Benjamin has made news headlines after embarking on a one-man protest while carrying a coffin on his head with a megaphone in hand to voice out his concerns.

Archbishop Samson Benjamin embarks on a one-man protest with a coffin on his head

The Nigerian pastor is the General Overseer of Resurrection Praise Ministry, Lagos, popularly known as Jehovah Sharp Sharp.

He has carried out the protest against what he referred to as bad governance by President Buhari's administration, political, traditional and religious leaders.

The man of God was seen marching through the streets of Festac, Navy Town, Alakija, Satellite Town, on Sunday, April 11 with a huge unpainted coffin on his head. reported Archbishop Samson Benjamin as saying that God asked him to use the protest to register his displeasure with the government and the general state of the oil-rich and West Africa's biggest economy in terms of wealth, land size and population.

According to him, before embarking on dramatic protest, he had had “a spiritual journey of more than one year”, so he wasn’t doing it just for populist purposes.

While marching with the coffin, the Archbishop said: "From the 15th of September 2019 up until this moment, I have not eaten food cooked by fire or any pleasant food, I have been seeking the face of God over this great country," he said.

"Last week, I had a mortal vacation, which was solitary confinement where I didn’t talk to any human to be with the cabinet of the trinity, I didn’t see the sun, moon, clouds. What you are seeing me do here right now is what the Prophets of Old would do. God will ask them to carry a symbol when he wants to pass a message to the leaders of the nation.

"He said to me ‘Go and carry a coffin on your head, it is not furniture or anything for interior decoration, it is good for nothing, it is at the end of the life of a man that he is put into a coffin.”

“Tell the leaders that they have intentionally depleted the common resources that belong to this great country and have brought hardship on the citizens, I am not happy with it.”

''Archbishop Benjamin said Nigeria as a disappointment to God who brought people of various ethnicities together and gave them the resources.

"But those in power have chosen to make the commonwealth of the country their personal property, this is the reason I am carrying this coffin, God is not happy, and he is saying it is not political leaders alone, including the religious and traditional leaders.

"Human rights is the right of citizens of this country, we have found ourselves in a government that sees you as an enemy when you are being constructive in your criticism.

"Secession cry is everywhere, the question is, Is it God’s will that all these must happen? We need to sit down at a round table and look at it again what and what put us together, whether those things are still workable today or are no longer workable.”


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