Reports say a team of Turkana and Samburu police are on a manhunt for a gang of armed robbers who are believed to have relocated to Turkana after their hideout at Suguta Valley in Kenya got flooded following a heavy downpour.

The robbers, according to, had escaped to take refuge in the valley following police operation in Samburu North after many reports of cattle theft in the area.

Samburu County police commander Karanja Muiruri is reported as saying the armed robbers are fond of parading the communities and arresting any livestock on sight.

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“Bandits who have been hiding in the valley have been forced to flee for safety after floods. We are collaborating with our counterparts from Turkana to arrest criminals who have gone to hide in Turkana county," the police boss said.

It is not clear whether their booties have been carried away by the flood waters or they managed to move them to safety.

If this incident had happened in Ghana, it would not be surprising to hear some human right advocates calling on NADMO to go and rescue the suspected robbers or send relief items to them.