An intoxicated passenger who went berserk on a Ryanair flight when she attacked a man midair continued her violent rampage by fighting on the airport floor with another woman.

Few seconds into the brawl, the “drunk” woman was heard screaming with her legs waving in the air as her opponent pinned her down on the floor.

The interesting fight became uncontrollable and the two women eventually had to be separated by eyewitnesses.

The fight came just hours after the woman purported to be drunk launched an attack on a man while onboard the Ryanair flight.

Footage of that incident, which emerged earlier this week, shows the woman shouting and screaming before throwing punches at a fellow passenger.

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According to Witnesses, the woman was due to be met by police in Spain following the mid-air attack, but was ostensibly allowed to move around within the airport where she launched the second attack.

One of the witnesses, a 35-year-old Rachel Burns, who had been on the same flight as the two women, alleged that the woman wearing a yellow top was “intoxicated”

She however expressed shock that “It was unbelievable. At the airport, the police had already seen her and let her go.

“When we got into the baggage collection area that's when the violence started. “'I was with my family, we'd got our bags and had been walking away and then they got stuck into it.

“I saw her just go up to a lady who had been one of the people telling her to sit down. Then they were going at it on the floor.”

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She said "It went on for a couple of minutes. She just seemed intoxicated. She was very, very drunk. Some man tried to pull her off, then she started again.”

She also alleged unprofessionalism on te part of the security officials at the airport.

“It was an absolute shamble,” she said. 'She just left. She was with two friends, they seemed mortified and were crying.

“Then we left, we just needed to get the children away from it.”

She added that “It's shocking that she'd even been able to get on the plane in the first place, let alone get to that point in the airport.”

A video of the scuffle on board the flight showed men and women aboard the Newcastle to Alicante Ryanair flight scrapping over the top of seats.

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Ms. Burns further said that “the staff and other people on the plane kept telling her to sit down. The plane staff said they hadn't served her alcohol.

“She was sat two rows behind me, and she started getting really aggressive with people in front of her, f-ing and blinding and saying "What you looking at?"

“Then she started fighting with the man in front, and started getting aggressive with the lady asking her to move. The plane staff couldn't control her.

“The people she was attacking got moved to the front of the plane.

“She called my mum an "old hag" so that's when I started shouting at her as well, saying "Don't call my mum that."

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Ryanair said the fight justifies the airline's call for changes to the sale of alcohol at airports. The firm's head of communications, Robin Kiely, said it was important to introduce a two-drink limit for each passenger and also a ban on alcohol sales before 10am

“It was all going on for about an hour and a half.”

She said she was disgusted that this sort of behaviour could be tolerated at no less a place than an airport.

“It's just something you don't expect to see there. And especially in mid-air on the plane too. It could have been much worse, and you don't want the children to see it, “she said.

She suggested that “I just don't think drinking should be allowed on planes.”

A spokesman for Ryanair said “The crew of this flight from Newcastle to Alicante (31 Aug) requested police assistance upon arrival after a passenger became disruptive inflight.

“The aircraft landed normally and the passenger was met by police. We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behaviour at any time and the safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority.

“This passenger has been banned from flying with Ryanair and this is now a matter for local police.

“This is exactly why we are calling for significant changes to prohibit the sale of alcohol at airports, such as a two-drink limit per passenger and no alcohol sales before 10am.

“It's incumbent on the airports to introduce these preventative measures to curb excessive drinking and the problems it creates, rather than allowing passengers to drink to excess before their flights.”