Imagine being on-board a vehicle whose driver suddenly becomes ‘lifeless’, while the car runs at top speed. That was the situation a passenger of a Taxi allegedly found herself in at Ikeja area of Lagos State in Nigeria, when an epileptic driver of a fast running Taxi unexpectedly had a seizure.

It would have been a tragic situation, but the passenger believes God’s grace was her saviour.

An Instagram user, @chika_jsc is reported by as having narrowly escaped death and resorted to social media to share her ordeal.

The Instagram user wrote:

“So I almost lost my life…I’m still in shock. So I was in a taxi headed to ikeja. We got to Osborne road I noticed the cab driver’s mouth was wide open and he was pointing at me. In my mind I was like ok he stammers. I stutter as Well so no biggie. I was eating my salad and waiting for him to finish his sentence. Next thing something foam like started coming out from his mouth. We were moving fast about 80km/h or so. I knew something was wrong. I started shouting Jesus.

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“I’m not about to die now. Oga is epileptic. He hit the car in front of us. Our front tire busted. Finally our car stopped. I had already thought I was dead. Alas the culvert wedged the car. The driver was dying..was flagging down cars to help the driver. No one stopped. Everyone drove past except a woman that parked behind us but was too scared to alight from her vehicle.

“Thank God for the RRS stationed by deputy gov’s house. They helped resuscitate the driver. Imagine this happened on 3rd mainland bridge. The driver is fine. No one should ask me why an epileptic patient is driving. Ask @taxify.ngMedical check-up is important pls. Ignore my typo if any. I’m still in shock.”