Events do coincide, but the story of a pair of 23-year-old twins in California, United States who gave birth to adorable daughters has amazed many people, and they have been expressing their admirations for both the mothers and the new born babies.

A report by says doctors had set Bao Kou Julie Yang and Bao Nhia Julia Yang's due dates just two days apart.

However, shockingly, on November 4, both beautiful twins reportedly went into labour and Bao Kou gave birth to her baby girl, Nadalie. Reports say less than two hours later, Bao Nhia also welcomed baby girl, Candra.

The twin mothers are as amazed at the development as the general public. Bao Kou is quoted as saying: “We both weren’t expecting this, to say the very least. I was definitely in shock, but I was happy for the both of us. It’s really a miracle.” reports that the twins had earlier suffered miscarriages, but the experience brought them closer.

It further reported that Nadalie is Bao Kou's first child while Candra is Bao Nhia's third, and they shared the same hospital ward after delivery.

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Admirations started pouring in after the hospital where the deliveries happened released their photos online.

One social media user said: “Baby cousins sharing the same birthdays just like their mommies! Congratulations.”

The coincidence is so stunning that some people have been wondering how the husbands of Bao Kou and Bao Nhia did the magic.