An angry Chinese woman has forced her husband to wear bra and pad as punishment for cheating on her.

In a bizarre video, the woman laughs at her husband, ordering him to confess his wrongdoings.

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The video, uploaded on Chinese video-sharing platform Miaopai on Monday, shows the man kneeling on a fruit while crying in both pain and embarrassment.

“I’ll admit that I made a mistake," the man admitted.

“I should not have sent my private photos" through Wechat.

“I should not have initiated the conversation,” he admitted.

The woman then interrogates her hubby after the man's initial confession.

“Who did you approach?,” the wife asked.

Her husband responds: “I talked to several woman."

At this stage of the video, the wife ordered him to tell the world what he did to merit the punishment.

“I said something I should not have said,” he said.

The wife respond by telling him to say it: “That’s why you ended up like this, right? Who asked you to kneel down?”

To which he replies: “My wife asked me to do so. I am willing to receive a harsh punishment.”

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Unable to take it anymore, the hubby said: "My dear wife, these are all durian skins. I just can’t stand it anymore.”

Then he bursts into tears, obviously ashamed.