Blind gospel singer narrates how many women chased him after his wife died

As precisely stated by Yvonne Pierre, when you focus on someone’s disability you’ll overlook their abilities, beauty and uniqueness.

Blind gospel singer narrates how women many chased him after his wife died

Despite the blindness of Kenya-based gospel singer Ruben Kigame, women who could see beyond his disability fought hard to marry him after the death of his first wife, to the extent that his current wife had to sacrifice her European Union job to have him a life partner.

According to, the Enda Nasi hitmaker has been visually impaired since childhood but grew up to give Kenyans spiritual music that touched many lives.

Kigame recounted to the Standard Newspaper in an interview how a late diagnosis of cataracts led to his blindness.

“I remember colours, especially of the leafy greenery all around me, the dark-brown pathways that my siblings and childhood friends regularly walked. I remember the different shades of faces and arms of the people I met, from dark to chocolate to light-skinned," he told the Standard.

According to him, he lost his sight fully at a young age while having dinner with family back in Bunyore, Western Kenya.

Before the loss of sight, he happened to miss his plate and it was later realised he had cataracts in both eyes but due to late diagnosis, it was too late.

Kigame went to Kibos and Thika schools for the blind before joining Kenyatta University and graduating with a degree in History, Philosophy and Religious studies. This is where he met his first wife the late Mercy who was an integral part of him continuing to study going ahead to get a Masters in Journalism from Moi University and later Christian studies in North Carolina, US.

They married in 1991, soon after meeting and gave birth to three daughters.

Unfortunately, o September 5, 2006, his wife identified as Mercy was involved in a fatal road accident and died.

Kigame said it was difficult to choose a woman from among the numerous that were chasing after him following the death of his wife he described as a “piece of me”.

The mad rush for the blind man’s heart was so intense that one of the women even threatened him on the phone saying: “You can avoid me and keep running away but I will get you!”

Eventually, one Julie won the battle to become his second wife who both he and his family love so much.

The lucky woman was working in his ministry and had sung with Sifa Voices, and when the competition over Kigame was intensifying, she had to leave a lucrative EU job to secure a space in his heart for good.

The hotcake Gospel minister said remarrying was rewarding in the end, as Julie was an affectionate, supportive and charming partner who ended the battle among women for his heart.

Kigame was born again in the 1980s and his first album ‘What a Mighty God’ was completed in 1987 and recently released his 29th studio album, reports.

He said what his visual impairment makes him hiss so much are the night sky, stars, and nature with all its beauty.


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