Man who killed women, made stew, pies with their bodies jailed 23 years

A cannibal who feasted on human flesh for years has been jailed in Brazil.

Jorge Negromonte

“For people to be safe, I need to be in prison. If I were let out as I am today, I could kill another one. Human meat, for me, is no different to beef.”


That was the chilling confession of an unrepentant human flesh eater, Jorge Beltrao Negromonte, while speaking with Mirror in is prison cell after he was convicted and jailed 23 years for the murder of three young women whom he cooked in stews and pies before sharing the 'meat' with his wife  and says it's the same as eating beef with his wife Isabel Cristina Pires, and mistress, Bruna Cristina da Silva.

The 54-year-old former university professor also ate the human flesh sauteed with onions and oregano or made into a stew with vegetables.

Negromonte who even butchered one woman in front of her 18-month-old daughter, then fed the toddler pieces of her dead mother for lunch the next day, says he sees no difference between eating human flesh and tucking into some beef, and stuffed plenty of the former into the pasties known as empadas he sold on the streets close to his home in Garanhuns, northeastern Brazil.


Negromonte, his Isabel, 54, and mistress Bruna, 24, formed a religious sect together and ate the women believing it would cleanse the victim of their 'sins'.

The gang were convinced the girls would give birth to thieves and lowlifes, and together they practised what they called 'population control', luring young women to their home and murdering them.

Negromonte told the Mirror reporter:

“The women would prepare the meat. I can’t remember if we ever fried it like a steak. I did buy a mincing machine for Bruna, but I’m not sure if she used it.

The meat would last for three or four days. We would have it for lunch and dinner until it was all gone.”


Negromonte's crimes shocked the world when they were finally uncovered in March 2012, but he insists some details about the murders and his motives remain untold as police believed there could be more victims they know nothing about.

Born in the Brazilian city of Recife, Negromonte was the youngest of four brothers. His father was a respected lawyer and his mother a university professor, both Portuguese immigrants.

After graduating from the state university, Negromonte says he opened a gym and joined a group of young activists fighting the military dictatorship before meeting and marrying Isabel in 1984.



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