A Nigerian feminist identified on Twitter as @Chivie_ has called on fellow women to cheat on their husbands without being apologetic about it.

As if there is nothing regrettable about the act, she went to the extent of providing the women with excuses they should assign to the adultery.

She said: “I need married women to cheat more. With younger, finer men. And when their husbands try to complain, they point out his pot belly, Bald head, and 2 mins sex. Make him step up his game and hit the gym. I wish more married men were humiliated by their cheating wives.”

Cheat on him, if he complains, “point out his pot belly, bald head and 2 mins sex” – Feminist urges women

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It is unclear why she chose to advocate for adultery of all things in this world that women can do with pride.

Meanwhile, some right-thinking people believe her call on women is counter-intuitive and will promote immorality.