According to the controversial pastor, money and fame are the two most important things Christians must endeavour to obtain in life and not heaven as has always been preached.

“There are two things that you need to get, Money and Fame. If you don’t complete your mission you are a failure. Don’t tell me living a lavish life and making life comfortable for your children and also having all the good things on earth are worldly things,” Obofour stated.

He went further to entreat his followers not to allow themselves to be fooled into believing that as Christians, they are on earth to fight for a space in heaven

“Don’t let any foolish person deceive you that we are on earth because of heaven, but we are here on a mission and you need to fulfill” he said with a lot of confidence.

A video circulating on social media shows him making the controversial claim in a conversation with a group of three men believed to be his junior pastors.

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It is obvious that his claim made a lot of sense to the said men who could be seen nodding profusely in agreement with one of them raising his hands and saying “Jesus! Speak, speak”.

In separate news, a man has been reportedly fired by his female boss after he referred to his biological mother as an illiterate during a phone conversation with her.

A Twitter user, Lola who shared the story on Twitter said that the man’s boss was speaking with him on the phone when the staff mentioned that he was with his mother.

However, when the boss of the Public Relations company where he worked asked to speak with his mother, the Nigerian man quickly said that his mother is illiterate, so his boss should speak to her in Yoruba.

Although he probably didn’t mean to deliberately denigrate her mother, his boss got infuriated, saying the man was supposed to speak highly of his mother, and not make derogatory remarks about her.

She then hanged up and before the young man knew, his boss sent an email to inform him about the termination of his job.

According to the unhappy woman, how the young man spoke about no other than his mother must be the same way he speaks about clients too, and that does not augur well for a PR company.