The violent footage, which was posted to video sharing site Liveleak, was allegedly captured in Brazil and opens with a vicious attack already under way.

One woman, who is notably bigger in stature than her opponent, has another gripped by her hair and is repeatedly striking her.

According to the description posted with the video, the aggressor has caught her husband cheating with the woman she is attacking.

The smaller woman is not fighting back and seems to stand little chance of escaping the onslaught as she screams and tries in vain to hold on to a gate.

Shockingly, the woman is then dragged by her hair along the road.

The woman appears to be pleading in Portuguese as she is dragged closer and closer to a bridge.

Another woman then intervenes to help her friend toss her apparent love rival over the bridge which is about ten feet high.

The pair accomplish this with disturbing ease and others can then be heard cheering as the woman struggles to stand up and compose herself after landing in the water below.

It is not known whether the woman was injured in the brutal attack.