5 things you can’t do in the presence of elderly people and go scot-free

Despite civilisation and modernity, there are certain little things that are so entrenched in the African culture which evolution has not yet been able to shake.

However, there are certain little things that are so entrenched in the culture of Africans which evolution has not yet been able to shake.

For instance:

1. In some typical Ghanaian villages, it is considered disrespectful of a young person to ask an elderly person 'how are you?'. It must be the vice versa. The belief is that, the elderly person is old enough to fend for him or herself and it is the young person who is vulnerable and need to be cared for.

2. Elderly persons conveniently fart in the presence of their younger counterparts and are not answerable to anyone, but a young person cannot do same. It is a disrespect to the elderly person present.

3. It is almost an abomination for a young person who is eating with an elderly person to be the first to start eating fish or meat. The young person must continue to salivate until the elderly person gives clearance as and when it pleases him or her.

4. When eating with an elderly person and become satisfied, a young person is forbidden to wash his or her hands while the elderly person is still eating. He or she must wait and allow their hands to dry up until the elderly one is done eating, then they can pack the dishes and tidy up the place.

5. If you love yourself, then you must control and suppress your laughter when elderly people are having conversation in your presence. Irrespective of how laughable their conversation is, don’t even join them in laughing, you are seen as attempting to participate in the conversation.

These are not serious offences that attract severe sanctions, but a breach of any of them could result in scolding and shaming.

Well, inasmuch as they may be boring and restrictive, it is only good that there is order and respect for hierarchy in the family.


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