Congolese man pays $700 to have wife assassinated

A Congolese man who paid assassins to kidnap and murder his wife has been busted in Australia.

The suspect, Balenga Kalala

A Congolese man living in Australia, Balenga Kalala, has been arrested and charged to court for allegedly paying an assassin the sum of $7, 000 to have his common law wife and mother of his three children, Noela Rukundo, kidnapped and murdered, because he suspected she was cheating on him, reports Age Australia.

According to the reports, Kalala had planned for the woman who had lived with him for 10 years without a formal marriage, to be kidnapped when she traveled to their home country to attend her step mother's burial but fortunately for the woman, the would be assassins refused to kill the woman because their ethic forbids them from killing women.

Kalala who is a forklift operator and has lived in Kings Park, Australia, since 2004, was then surprised when the woman surfaced after being released by the kidnappers who had also showed the two Western Union receipts for the money which they had earlier received for her husband, and a mobile phone memory card containing the recorded telephone conversations they had had with him over her planned murder.

When Rukundo returned home to Melbourne and confronted her husband in their front yard, he was shocked she was still alive.

Rukundo reportedly told him:

"Surprise! I'm still alive. You are a wicked man. Why did you want me to be killed? What about your small children (aged five, 10 and 11)? Who was going to look after them?"

Police were called but Kalala initially denied any wrong doing but when he was charged to court, the police presented a secret phone conversation between Kalala and Rakundo in which he begged her to forgive him and confirmed he had arranged for her to be murdered.


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