If human beings cannot live up to expectations by discharging their duties for the people they are accountable to, animals will be compelled to take up those duties to probably perform them better.

It is not too surprising that a dog in Canada who apparently could not bear the numerous potholes on the cities’ roads any longer is vying for mayor of a Newfoundland city.

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The Dog trainer Glenn Redmond who is probably the campaign manager shared a video promoting Finn, the Australian cattle dog as a new candidate for mayor of St. John's.

As part of his campaign, Finn encouraged residents about his plans to help business, improve taxes and also expressed his commitment to public works projects.

Glenn Redmond told the CBC that, "Finn being an Australian cattle dog, he's a tireless worker, he doesn't know when to stop. He will work day and night to get things done,"

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Finn’s campaign manager added that his four-legged aspirant has the wherewithal to find "hands on" solutions to a number of the city's issues.

He said "Potholes [are] a big issue for Finn, as well as snow clearing and stuff in the wintertime. He's an avid walker, and these are certainly things that [would be] concerns for him."