A 23-year-old graphic designer, Rachel Marie was lucky to get a 2000 Volkswagen Golf Mk4 in compensation for a pack of the popular McDonald’s sauce.

The lady took advantage of the shortage of the product, as only 20 packs were available that moment and lots of people had queued to buy.

She told the HuffPost that, “When McDonald’s said they were bringing it back, I thought it would be cool to get a sauce.”

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Rachel Marie drove 45 minutes to Detroit early in the morning and waited hours until the sauces became available around 2 p.m.

“By the time that happened, there were hundreds of people waiting,” she said. “The line snaked around the building.”

The McDonald’s location only had 20 packets available, but both Marie and one of her friends were among the lucky tastemakers who got the sauce.

“I was tempted to try it while watching the episode,” she said.

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Knowing well that many people would be craving for the sauce due to the shortage, she got the idea to post a photo of the sauce packet on Pin Nation, a Facebook group dedicated to trading pins.

Marie told Business Insider “There was actually a large response with some nice pins.”

“But if I could get a car, I thought, why not ask?”

She was fortunate to find a desperate man who was willing to trade the single Szechuan sauce packet for a 2000 Volkswagen Golf Mk4.

Without revealing the man’s name the lucky girl said “He drove the car over so I know it was running.” “He was a dedicated fan of the show and already had a second car.”

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When Business Insider interviewed the man on condition of anonymity, he justified the seemingly imbalanced trade by telling the outlet he “just needed me some friggin sauce!!”

However, Marie’s friend who also got a sauce wasn’t so lucky. She says he already started consuming the sauce before discovering people were offering as much as $300 for it.