If you are not a vegetarian you can't afford these houses

The first and most important requirement to buy or rent an apartment there is to be a vegetarian, and that must be proven.

The world is arguably a vegetarian unfriendly place because, people who are allergic to cooked meat and its products are surrounded by nonvegetarians who cook the very things they are allergic to.


Some countries who have identified the plights of vegetarians are gradually making provisions for them in their national planning.

There is currently an ongoing construction of a vegetarian-only apartment complex in Russia christened, the Veda Village.


According to, the construction project in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, Russia, was designed for vegetarians looking to practice a healthy and ethical lifestyle in a community of like-minded people.

However, the first and most important requirement to buy or rent an apartment there is to be a vegetarian, and that must be proven.

Prospective clients will undergo interviews with sales agents, and if they fail to convince them that they are true vegetarians, their application will be turned down.

Also, a meat-free diet is not the only thing required to earn a place in Veda Village. According to developers, smoking and the consumption of alcohol in the residential complex are also prohibited.


Veda Village is the first vegetarian residential complex in Russia, but apparently not the only one in the world. In India, demand for such developments dates back to the early 2000s, with the first one being built in Chennai, in 2012. They too require potential buyers to be strict vegetarians.

Construction of a Veda Village is good news to vegetarians due to the many restrictions imposed by developers, but it has been described by some, especially nonvegetarians as the most boring place in the world to live.

“The main thing about this complex is an opportunity to live and evolve together with like-minded people,” Maya Podlipskaya, manager of Veda Village, told Russian news agency TASS. “If you are a vegetarian, you are welcome.”

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Veda Village residents will be self-sufficient in terms of energy, water, waste treatment, and food production. The apartment complex will also feature a yoga centre, gym, spa, shops, day-care facility, education center, as well as a vegetarian restaurant.



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