Gay pastor marries gay pastor, saying "touch not the anointed ones...”

Where the world is headed now it is only God himself who knows the direction.

Gay pastor marries gay pastor, saying touch not the anointed ones...

Church members were full of cheers and applause when a gay Anglican priest in the Anglican Church in South Africa recently “married” another man.

Pastor Paul Mwaura is seen making out with his homosexual lover, another gay priest from Kenya, John Maierepi as they tie the knot to live with each other till the end of life, according to

As if the development was anything deserving commendation, the church posted photos of the two men of God on Facebook congratulating them for a successful wedding.

“Sexual orientation is inborn, unchosen and unchangeable, don’t judge them please, touch not the anointed ones,” the two pastors are quoted as saying when asked why they chose to be gays.


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