"I enjoy killing people for a living" – Ghanaian-US Special Forces Officer says death fears him

A Ghanaian-United States Special Forces member has disclosed that he enjoys “killing people for a living” because that is what his job partly entails and since the “job must always be done”, he has no regrets for doing just that.

Ghanaian-US Special Forces Officer says "I enjoy killing people for a living"

According to the military man, he has come close to death multiple times in the course of his duty, so he is not scared in any way of dying.

He added that the only concern he has when he comes face-to-face with death is his family and loved ones who may be the losers. Unlike many people, 'Killer Kay' said death is afraid of him and not the other way round.

“I kill people for a living, I enjoy killing people for a living. I enjoy doing my job for a living, let me phrase it that way,” he said to the surprise of the interviewer.

When Kofi Adomah asked how his experiences as a Special Forces member of the US army has affected his faith in God, 'Killer Kay' said he does not believe in anything aside from God.

He, however, said he believes that God is in two forms; God the Father and God the Mother, and depending on what he is seeking he prays to either of the two. He added that he speaks to God directly without going through Jesus because he doesn’t believe in him.

Explaining why he does not believe in Jesus, he said the man believed to be the saviour of the world through only whom Christians can get to God is just like any other human being created in the image of God.

Still on religion, 'Killer Kay' said there is no Juju power, saying it is all a lie. He dared anyone who claims to have bullet-proof power to present himself and catch his bullet as proof that there is anything called juju power.

According to him, those people who have been demonstrating what they refer to as bullet-proof power are just throwing dust in the eyes of their observers.

“These guys are doing it without a round. So, you guys stand there and you hear poow and you shout, and I am amazed. Catch my bullet. Let me shoot you please, catch my bullet.”

Interestingly, when Kofi Adomah jokingly dared him, 'Killer Kay' brought out a gun and was readying himself to pull the trigger when the interviewer screamed “I’m joking” before he dropped it.

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