Nyalong Ngong Deng, a 17-year-old South Sudanese girl who created a buzz on social media after she was auctioned by her family, has been married off.

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The girl was auctioned on Facebook on October 25 by her family and anyone interested was encourage to place bids.

Juba TV reported that six men had shown interest to marry Nyalong but tycoon Alat offered 500 cows and three V8 cars effectively outbidding stiff competition from other top government officials.

The family had challenged other people from other regions with a high number of cattle to join the competition for the girl.

The competition which was restricted to people from Dinka and Jieng culture drew outrage from women groups who condemned the bid.

In Dinka culture, any man willing to marry must convince the girl's family on their ability to take care of their daughter which is evident through the ability to meet dowry terms.

Female lawyers in South Sudan have urged the government to shut down the online auction terming it gross violation of human rights.

"The practice is a gross human rights violation and violates the rights of a girl. It does not only deprive the girl child from education and limit her future opportunities in her life, but also increases the risk of violence, jeopardizes her health, reduces the girl child to a property, and deprives her from the right to choose," Adhiue told VOA's South Sudan in Focus.

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Lawyer Suzy Natana praised the government for passing legislation protecting girls and women, but she said it should be regulated while also advising girls to have to insist on their freedom of choosing suitors.

"Dowry is not necessarily a bad thing because it leaves a simple token of appreciation that has invested in our culture, but it has to be regulated…if you are above the age of 18, you have a right to choose for yourself, to decide to get married or not. So, the first step is to make an effort to say no," she said.

Credit: sde.co.ke