Boy dies after getting stuck underneath escalator's handrail

The toddler lost his life after getting trapped under an escalator handrail in Chongqing, China

Boy dies after getting stuck underneath escalator's handrail

A 4-year-old Chinese boy died Thursday after getting trapped underneath the handrail of an escalator at a train station, according to local media.

The boy, who had been playing near the escalator at the Chongqing station, got stuck beneath the moving handrail and the ground, Asia One reported, citing Chinese news portal NetEase.

Workers managed to remove the boy from the area, but he died while heading to a local hospital, reports said. The cause of death was not revealed.

The boy’s death follows an incident in July in which a woman was killed after becoming trapped inside a moving escalator in Jingzhou. In that incident, the woman was able to push her 2-year-old son to safety before falling through a panel at the top of the escalator.

In August, a man who was cleaning an escalator at a mall in Shanghai had to have his leg amputated after it became stuck in the moving steps, AsiaOne reported.


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