Groom left with broken spine after friends threw him in the air but failed to catch him (video)

A groom has been hospitalised and could not enjoy the honeymoon with his bride after some overjoyed guests who tossed him in the air failed to catch him.

Groom's spine broken after friends threw him in the air but failed to catch him (video)

The wedding ceremony which started on a good note and was proceeding with a lot of merry-making suddenly turned tragic as the groom landed badly on his head, leaving him seriously injured.

The sad incident, according to reports, happened at a wedding in Bihor County in North-Western Romania a week ago.

The Sun reported that the groom was tossed up by friends and caught at the first attempt but landed on his head at the second toss.

The friends immediately lifted him off the ground and placed him on a chair, as the venue’s atmosphere changed immediately.

Paramedics have been reported as saying that the way the injured groom was handled by his friends after the injury has aggravated his situation.

"The patient fractured his spine. His progress is looking slightly favourable.

"He is hospitalised in the neurosurgery ward and next week he will undergo further tests," Dr. Lucia Daina is quoted as having said.

Interestingly, the hiatus resulting from the groom’s injury only lasted for a while. Reports say the wedding continued despite the incident with the bride and both families entertaining the guests.

Even before he is discharged from the hospital, the groom has reportedly contacted his lawyer for possible legal action against the friends.

Lately, wedding ceremonies are characterised by crazy stunts to trigger social media reactions. It is unclear if the ‘tossing and catching’ was a rehearsed stunt which the groom himself was aware of but it only went wrong.

Short News uploaded a short video of the incident on YouTube.


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