Jealous husband stabs wife in the face for trying to divorce him

A jealous husband whose wife threatened to divorce did the unthinkable by slashing her face in several places.

A Moroccan man whose wife tried to seek a divorce, took some extreme measures to ensure that she does not get her way, by stabbing her in the face with a kitchen knife.

The 18-year-old woman, Amima Almoos, had to be stitched in 21 places after the attack in their home when she announced to her husband that she was going to divorce him.

Emirate247 reports that the woman who is from Rabat, the capital of the country, told Morocco's Menara News Network that her husband is so jealous and would not let her go.

She also said he has been sending her love messages to placate her after the horrific attack.

"He is now trying to sell me love words to please me so I will drop the case against him…but I will not and I will go ahead with the divorce case."


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