A 35-year old crippled cobbler in Nigeria’s Ogun State has revealed the hypocrisy of some women who despise him in the day, but sneak into his room at night to have sex with him and take money.

Wasiu Ajibade has been a cripple since infancy when he got involved in an accident that affected his legs.

According to reports he was three years when he was hit by lightning when he was running an errand.

Though Wasiu Ajibade mends people’s footwear from which he makes sufficient income for survival, women hardly wanted to have anything to do with him in the day, for fear of being mocked.

Until he surprisingly got the nod of his current wife, many women were only interested in his money.

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He said they would come and have sex with him, take all his hard earned money and warn him not to disclose the encounter to anybody.

Ajibade said when his wife agreed to his marriage proposal and asked him to come and meet her family to perform the marriage rites, he thought it was a ploy to embarrass him, due to the fact that no woman was willing to seen with him.

He has regretted having wasted his resources on materialistic women.

He now has four children with his wife and they are living happily as a family.

Ajibade is confident that with his handiwork he is able to take care of the family and the needs of his children.