Pregnant wife destroys husband’s car for cheating (Video)

An angry wife in Brazil went ballistic after catching her husband with his mistress and decided to destroy his car.

This pregnant wife went off on her cheating hubby's car

A pregnant woman in Brazil was caught on video thrashing her cheating husband's car after she caught him enjoying lunch with an alleged lover in a nearby restaurant, Daily Mail reports.


The incident which happened in Ceilandia near the Brazilian capital, Brasilia, saw the woman smashing the windscreen of the car before jumping up and down on the roof and then throwing a rock through the back window to make sure the vehicle was a near write-off.

An onlooker couldn’t hide his amusement as he recorded the scenes on his mobile and gave a running commentary as she took the car apart.


The woman, a baby bump clearly visible under her vest top, reportedly went ballistic after discovering her husband eating in the restaurant with his mistress with his parked conspicuously in front of the eatery.

She set the alarm of the vehicle off at one point by stamping up and down on the vehicle, stopping briefly to shout abuse at her cheating hubby who wisely decided to keep his distance and ensure only his vehicle got the beating.

After thrashing the car, the angry woman ripped out the rest of the glass with her bare hands then turns her attention to the side of the car.

Watch the video here.


Video Credit: YouTube



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