5 pictures of the American professor who looks like Albert Einstein [Gains celebrity status in China]

An American professor has become a minor celebrity in China because he looks a bit like Albert Einstein.

American professor who looks VAGUELY like Albert Einstein gains celebrity status in China

An American professor has become an unlikely Internet celebrity in China due to his incredible resemblance to Albert Einstein.

Gary Manzo, 68, teaches English and Sociology at the Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University in south-eastern China reported People's Daily Online.

With his long white moustache and spectacles perched on his nose, some students have decided he is the spitting image of Einstein.

When photographs of the professor were compared to Einstein, Gary Manzo suddenly became an internet celebrity.

Manzo himself has admitted that he looks rather like Einstein, though his Internet fame was still unexpected.

Despite his uncanny resemblance to Einstein, it is purely coincidental as there is no family tie between the pair.

According to reports, Gary Manzo has been teaching in China for the last three years in Fujian.

They even nicknamed him Man Zou in Chinese, meaning 'walking slowly', although he was pictured being quite active on the basketball court.

Good humoured Manzo has accepted his Chinese name and now uses it on his business cards.


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