A 34-year-old Nigerian seeking asylum in Italy was allegedly beaten to death on Tuesday June 5, 2016 by an Italian local farmer who has been identified as Amedeo Mancini. The farmer lynched him after the deceased retorted to racist comments made against his wife; Chinyere.

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The two have been living in a shelter ran by a Catholic organisation in central Italian region of Marche.

According to police report, the couple were walking near the seminary where they lived when Mancini, sitting on a bench by the street with a friend, started making racists comments on top of their voices and called Chinyere an “African monkey".

The Italian police is yet to confirm the incident and commence investigation into the cause of his death.

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Nnamdi was however confirmed dead upon reaching the hospital whiles Chinyere is in critical condition.

The suspect has since been arrested and charged with murder.

According to reports four bombs were discovered outside the buildings belonging to the same community which houses the two (Nnamdi and Chinyere) earlier this year.