New mum shocked after taxi driver asked her to pay for giving birth in the back of his cab

A new mum was left stunned after a taxi driver demanded cash to clean up his car just moments after giving birth in the back of the vehicle.

Karolina Dabrowska with partner Matthew Errington and their new born baby.

Karolina Dabrowska, 36, was on her way to hospital with partner Matthew Errington, 43, when the cab was forced to pull over by a hotel where she then gave birth.

Later on when an ambulance came, the cab driver shouted and demanded the father Matthew clean up the back seat of his car or give him some money.

‘The actions of the taxi driver at the most stressful moment of my life was appalling,’ he said.

After Karolina went into labour, the couple called a cab to take them from their home in Peckham to University College Hospital.

However, when her waters broke on the drive across London they had to pull over in an hotel and deliver the baby there.

Sebastian was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, and a hotel guest – who happened to be a doctor – helped save his life.

‘At that point the taxi driver starts asking me for money,’ Matthew added. ‘I said, ‘my son’s not breathing, leave me alone’. The doctor came out and saved my son’s life.’

Andy Bolan, the cab company’s chief executive, wrote to the new parents to apologise and offer them a full refund – but they say they will never use the cab company again.

The new baby Sebastian is alive and well.


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