The criminal but hilarious incident underscores the saying that what goes around comes around.

According to, Mohammed Ahmadu was forced to pay the ransom of N1.5 million after he found himself in the position of a victim and had a feel of what he and his gang members have been subjecting innocent people to.

Police Force spokesperson, Frank Mba, said during a media parade of suspects on Monday, January 11, 2021, that investigations revealed that Mohammed Ahmadu, a.k.a Confirm was the leader of a notorious kidnapping group in the northcentral region of the country.

He fell victim to another kidnap gang when he visited the gang’s hideout in the forest to sell live ammunition.

The 30-year-old was held captive and shot in the hand until his gang members paid the ransom of N1,555,000 for his freedom, our sister news portal reported.

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Police arrested and paraded one Abubakar Umaru, a.k.a Buba Bargu who was allegedly the armourer of the gang that kidnapped their colleague kidnapper Ahmadu.

The gang has carried out several kidnappings along major highways in the northcentral region, especially the Lokoja-Abuja and Abuja–Kaduna highways and demanded huge ransoms from their victims, according to the police.

Frank Mba disclosed that five AK-47 rifles, five magazines, and 120 rounds of AK-47 ammunition were recovered from suspect Umaru in his hideout.

A total of 18 suspects were paraded on Monday for offences of armed robbery, kidnapping, cattle rustling, and other violent crimes.

Eight AK-47 rifles, one SMG sterling gun, 236 AK-47 ammunition, 12 pieces of SMG sterling gun ammunition, and two Toyota Camry saloon cars were recovered from them.