I found myself in stranger's home after he asked for direction; I regained sanity on my way home – Lady

A lady has recounted how she mysteriously ended up in a strange man’s house after he asked her for direction and she spoke with him.

Lady mysteriously finds herself in stranger's home after he asked for direction

According to the lady identified on Twitter as Oluwaseun, she only regained her senses on her way home after the strange man asked her to return and bring her mother’s jewellery box.

She counts herself fortunate because the man could have hurt her when she lost her senses and was virtually at his mercy at his home.

“This reminds me of the day a stranger asked me for direction & the minute I spoke to him, I lost my senses. I found myself in his house and he asked me to go home to bring back my mum’s jewelry box. I regained sanity on my way home. What if he killed me there? May God save us,” Oluwaseun wrote on her Twitter page.

Her post has sparked a lot of reactions with many more Twitter users sharing their experiences.

One @ItepuStefan wrote: “This happened to me too September 2011 she asked for direction, next thing I was in a fierce battle with forces of darkness around me, by the power of the Holy Ghost I broke free. This was me that just got baptized in the Holy Spirit 2-3 days before the incident.”

Another Twitter user, @Preshius said: “Same thing happened to my colleague. She boarded a car on her way to work. These guys asked her for her atm card, got her pin and took her cash. She didn't know what she was doing until they dropped her by the wayside. It was her first day of work.”

Then, @erica_my_focus2 too wrote: “That is how a man stopped my friend after she went to redraw money from the bank to pay her school fee, asked her to give him the money and took her laptop , she got her senses back the second the man disappeared from her sight. she couldn’t write the exams and had to resit.”

@GemLadi11 recounted: “It happened to me around 2010 at Sango Ota, it was direction he askd for as well and another guy just came and said let's help him. Dat was all I could remember, I met myself in Jankara, all money on me gone. I tnk God I was not hurt.”


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