Chinese girl cuts off Ghanaian lover's manhood over infidelity (Graphic Photo)

A Chinese lady has been arrested for cutting off her Ghanaian boyfriends penis.

A man's manhood is his greatest asset

The saying that hell has no fury than a woman scorned played itself out in Malaysia where a Chinese lady reportedly cut off the penis of her Ghanaian lover after she caught him red handed having sex with another girl in the apartment he lived with her.

According to Nigerian born USA based published of Naija Standard Newspaper, George Otumu, the Chinese lady who harboured the Ghanaian student in her apartment, was so much in love with him and had at various times, warned him against cheating on her but she was shocked when she walked into the apartment on the fateful day and caught the guy on top of another woman.

In a fit of jealous anger, she chopped off his weapon of destruction. While the randy guy was rushed to the hospital, the suspect was arrested by the police.


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