In the latest message, Magufuli left a crowd in stitches during one of his campaign rallies when he asked married couples to hold each other tightly in bedrooms since coronavirus pandemic had been nipped in the bud in Tanzania.

In a video clip that has gone viral on social media, the Tanzanian leader asked Tanzanians not to be afraid of mingling freely and embracing each other in public in private since God had helped the country to overcome the global pandemic.

"We trusted in God and fasted for three days and thereafter thanked Him for three days, today no one has coronavirus here. Embrace each other tightly, even when in bed hold each other tightly because there is no coronavirus," get said amid cheers and laughter.

Magufuli has been critical of the stringent measures taken by other countries to curb the spread of coronavirus which he has repeatedly downplayed its danger.

He is one of the few world leaders who refused to impose any form of lockdown as a measure to contain the viral disease.

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While countries across the globe shut down places of worship, the CCM leader asked Tanzanians to continue with prayers and worship normally, exuding confidence God would help the country to defeat the disease.

Magufuli urges Tanzanians to hold each other tightly in bedrooms insisting there’s no coronavirus
Magufuli urges Tanzanians to hold each other tightly in bedrooms insisting there’s no coronavirus

At the end of June 2020, Magufuli ordered for reopening of schools and normal resumption of all activities that had been suspended. The Tanzanian leader caused a stir when he alleged his child contracted COVI-19 but recovered after taking a concoction lemon and ginger for some days.

On July 5, Tanzania closed down over 70 COVID-19 facilities citing a drastic decline in the number of patients. The country is currently in a political mood with Magufuli leading a raft of fanfare rallies and campaigns ahead of the October 2020 elections.