A young man identified as

After his release from prison, Reawat became reserved and lived a life which could be described as a solitary one. He is said to be indoors most of the time.

However, apparently having been fed up with the lonely life, he tried to fraternise with the opposite sex, most of whom reportedly turned his proposals down.

He lost hope recently and inflicted the severe injury on himself after a 7-Eleven checkout girl on whom he had put his last hope also revealed to him that she is married.

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Reawat‘s 71-year-old mother, Somboon reportedly discovered his almost unconscious body on Sunday, lying in a pool of blood which had been oozing from the severed penis.

He was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance where he was stabilised.

Somboon is quoted as saying: “My son was a good boy. He went to a good university in Bangkok. But he became involved with drugs and then killed two people while he was having hallucinations and fighting.”

She said he has been trying to start a normal life by mostly going to shopping centres mostly to buy groceries.