Man calling himself “Google Maps” gives people direction to destinations for 50 pesewas (video)

A man in suit & tie who calls himself “Google Maps” has proven that innovation is the key to survival in this era of high unemployment.

Man who calls himself “Google Map gives people direction to destinations for a fee

According to the gentle-looking man who was spotted in Kenya’s capital Nairobi town, he is a “compass direction you can trust” to every destination within the town.

The young man is heard in a video advertising: "Don't get lost in town, I am a compass direction you can trust. At only KSh 10, I will show you all the directions."

The video shows him holding a placard that has the inscription: "Usipotee tao, uliza directions hapa. Ni 10 bob pekee (sic)"


He dressed in a long shirt, coat, tie and jeans while moving about with the placard and advertising his services.

His shouts in a bid to get the attention of potential clients attracted a lot of eyes but he was more particular about making money than what people thought about his business module.

Regardless of how hilarious it might look or sound, there is no doubt that a lot of people miss the way to their destinations daily, so this man’s business could become a great source of income if he goes about it with honesty and it is benefitting people.


Don’t be surprised if the now-funny business module spreads across Africa and finally gets to Ghana. The only difficulty is that he has a big competitor - Google Maps.

But a lot of uneducated people who can’t use the technology will still need his services, as well as educated ones who are headed to a rural areas that are not recognized by Google Maps.



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