A Mexican man recently caught another man in bed with his wife after returning from work earlier than usual.

However, as he was looking around for a weapon to attack the intruder, he disappeared to his surprise.

In his attempt to look for the missing man under his matrimonial bed, the angry man discovered the opening of a tunnel.

Antonio, a bricklayer from Villas del Prado 1, knew that the woman, Pamela from the town’s Tijuana neighborhood was married but they both entered into an illicit sexual relationship.

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To make sure no one saw him visiting his secret lover, Antonio used his experience in construction to dig a tight, but durable tunnel that crossed several streets from his home to that of her lover’s. Once it was finished, they were able to meet in secret, every time Pamela’s husband, Jorge, left to work, odditycentral.com reported.

Luck eluded them when Pamela’s husband, Jorge came home from work to meet her and Antonio red-handed having sex like nobody’s business.

He then entered the tunnel having been convinced that the intruder must have escaped through it, only to end up in the rival’s home.

Interestingly, when Jorge ended up in Antonio’s house, the bricklayer begged him to keep quiet, because his wife was in the next room and he didn’t want her to find out about his extramarital escapade.

His plea further infuriated Jorge and he engaged in a fistfight with him until Antonio’s wife found out about Jorge attacking her husband and called the police.

It was at that point when Antonio was forced to confess his extramarital affair with an equally adulterous woman to his wife.

The story made headlines in both Mexican and international news with photos of what has become known as the “love tunnel” going viral on social media.

According to odditycenrtal.com, Mexico is famous for its network of secret underground tunnels used by drug cartels to transport their precious but illegal cargos, but it seems the technique is sometimes also used for keeping romantic affairs secret.