Man in critical condition after having sex with his friend's wife

A man who could not keep his hands off his friends wife is now battling for his life after he was hit with a deadly charm.


Onyebuchi Orima, a 21-year-old man from Ugbona Village in Ishieke Autonomous Community of Ebonyi State, is hanging between life and death after he was struck with a strange ailment as a result of engaging in a sexual relationship with his friend's wife.


Before the incident that exposed him, Orima was said to have been having sex regularly with the woman married to his friend and kinsman, Friday Nwankwo, until the last bout of sex that landed him hospital.

As the story goes, Orima started experiencing serious pains on his scrotum a day after sleeping with the woman and when the pains became serious, his family took him to different healings homes and hospitals in the area to no avai.

It was reported that at one of the prayer houses he was rushed to, the pastor advised him to confess his sins or he would die, and that was when Orima confessed that he had been sleeping with his friend’s wife. The pastor then advised him to confess the act to his friend and seek his forgiveness.


After he summoned up courage to confess to his friend, Nwankwo told him to bring the sum of N250, 000 to enable him destroy the charm he planted on his wife’s body.

It seemed Nwankwo had suspected that his friend was also tasting from his wife's honey pot which prompted him to seek a potent charm from a local herbalist which he planted on his wife.

As at the time of this report, Orima's parents could only come up with N50, 000 but Nwankwo reportedly told them they must provide the money to the last kobo if they want their son to live.



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