A British man has been sentenced to four years in prison for rape after he pricked a hole in a condom before sex with no other than his own girlfriend.

Regardless of whether she enjoyed the ‘skin to skin’, the victim said it was “pure evil” for her lover, Andrew Lewis, 47 to have poked a hole in the condom before use although they had agreed to have protected sex.

A report by the Worcester News said Andrew Lewis’s partner became offended after she found a pin alongside condoms with holes in them in a bedside drawer — and then a damaged used condom in the trash.

“He told police he had hoped the condom would split and it would improve the intimacy,” prosecutor Glyn Samuel told Friday’s sentencing at Worcester Crown Court.

“He said it was the stupidest thing he has ever done.”

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Defense attorney, Lynette McClement told the court that his client did not intend to impregnate his partner — who was not named for legal reasons, rather, he resorted to the shenanigan to make her “change her mind” about insisting on having protected sex.

Lewis pleaded guilty to the charge of rape in July and has been sentenced to four years behind bars.

While pronouncing the court’s ruling, Judge Nicholas Cole referred to Lewis’ act as “breach of trust”.

“The offense of rape is so serious, a custodial sentence is appropriate,” the Worcester News quoted Cole as saying to Lewis.