Jason Lindsey reportedly admitted to stabbing Tynell with a knife several times leading to her death, after he was arrested in Florida on Monday.

Reports say an argument ensued between the couple after the deceased found a condom in her husband’s vehicle and confronted him, upon suspicion that he might be cheating on her.

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Lindsey is reported to have said in his affidavit that Tynell scratched his face with her nail before attempting to attack her with a knife.

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He claimed to have gotten hold of the knife from her, choked her with one hand while stabbing her with the other hand as she screamed out of pain.

It is reported that Tynell’s 8-year-old son heard her mother’s scream and rushed to the scene, only to witness the bloody attack on her.

The traumatised youngster then called 911, and police officers were deployed to the house where Lindsey was arrested.

He told authorities that his bloody murder was to defend himself as Tynell had attacked him with a knife before.