Meet Ugandan man with 12 wives, some of them sisters, 61 children

A man in Uganda has been identified as the modern day King Solomon with 12 wives and 61 children.

Patrick Oburu: The modern day King Solomon

Patrick Oburu, a Uganadan man, can be described as a father of multitudes when it emerged that he is married to 12 wives, some of them blood sisters, and is a father of 61 children and still counting, reports Nairobi News.

Oburu, a 60-year-old traditional healer or what is called in this parts as a native doctor, says he has been living with his large family in harmony and his homestead in the Buswikira village, Mpungwe Sub-county, Mayuge District, is known as a community of its own.

In an interview with the online platform, Oburu told the reporter he married his first wife in 1968, and the 12th in 2000, and his 61 children are all alive.

Hear him:

“I started with two wives from one family followed by another two also from one family. Then I got three also from one family followed by two others from one family and one who is the youngest.

Whenever I married a woman, my in-laws gave me another one. I think this was God’s plan and the power of my spirits.

When I got money after selling my produce, I built a house with twelve rooms. Each woman sleeps in one room and I keep moving from one room to another,” the modern day King Solomon said.

Oburu, an only child, said he decided to marry many women was to expand his Baise Ngobi clan.


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