“Mission accomplished at long last, the law can take its course now” – Happy rapist tells police

Normally, when criminals are arrested by the police, they become remorseful knowing that they are headed for prison, but a notorious rapist has told police that he is a happy and accomplished man after defiling a young girl after several attempts failed.

“Mission accomplished at long last, the law can take its course now – Happy rapist tells police

According to reports, police in Nigeria arrested a 32-year-old man, Nura Abdullahi for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in Suleja, Niger State.


The suspect is said to be a serial rapist who lured the victim into his room, detained her overnight and had marathon sex with her forcefully.

When his cup eventually got full, instead of showing remorse and pleading for mercy, Abdullahi reportedly told the law enforcement officers that he is ready for the consequences of his action because his long-anticipated mission has been achieved.

“I have been waiting for a day like this and I am happy that I set traps for her several times and at last, she fell into the trap and I have accomplished the mission of having sex with her.


“With the accomplished mission, I am ready for the consequence; let the law take its course on me; I am a happy man already,” he is quoted as saying.

Well, in some countries such as Ghana, rape and defilement are serious offences that attract severe punishments, but for an offender to say he is accomplished to have defiled a youngster, it means he indeed enjoyed himself at the detriment of his poor victim.

Once he has expressed readiness to face the consequence, one can only hope that he is dealt with according to the relevant laws.



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