More prayers underway to overturn Donald Trump's seeming defeat (video)

A group of three women has been filmed outside the Clark County Election Department in Nevada seriously engrossed in prayer aimed at securing victory for the incumbent Republican candidate Donald Trump.

More prayers underway to overturn Donald Trump's seeming defeat

If you ever thought that praying to seek God’s intervention in an election is completely an African thing, then this time around Americans have proven you wrong.


All forms of prayer sessions have been ongoing for the past days since November 3 when the people of America went to the polls to elect a president for the nation.

The battle is now between Donald Trump who is seeking reelection and his democrat counterpart Joe Biden who appears to be in what has become popularly known in Ghana as a 'comfortable lead'.

A viral video circulating online also shows Trump's spiritual adviser, Paula White leading a prayer service to seek God’s help victory that appears to many as unlikely.


While counting of votes in key states considered as critical in determining a winner is still ongoing, Joe Biden is leading the race for the presidency with 264 electoral votes, while the incumbent President Trump of the republican party has 214 electoral votes.

From the figures that have been made public already, Joe Biden requires only 6 electoral votes from the remaining states to hit the 270 votes to take him to the White House as against his contender Trump who must garner 56 more electoral votes.

Trump has sought to use legal processes to stop the counting of the remaining votes in the various states claiming vote-rigging among other allegations.

In this latest video, the three women are seen outside the Clark County Election Department in Nevada where all indications show that Biden is slightly ahead of Trump and may sweep the 6 electoral votes from that state.


Meanwhile, Leader and Founder of the Glorious Word Power Ministries International, Prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah has explained why his prediction that US President Donald Trump would be reelected may not be the case, looking at how things are playing out.

According to the popular Ghanaian pastor who is notorious for predicting Ghanaian election outcomes, after his prediction on the US election a couple of months ago, Donald Trump has turned his heart away from God, so the favour he had seen non him before making the prophecy has been withdrawn from him.

Owusu Bempah had earlier declared that Trump would win the election provided he has no intention to legalise homosexuality.

In his latest interview with Accra-based Okay FM, the man of God said that Abraham and his people held a meeting on the US election and the outcome of that meeting did not go in favour of Trump.


“Something has happened in the US elections and Abraham and his people have held a meeting. The outcome of that meeting did not go in Trump’s favour. It’s because Trump’s heart has turned away from God.

“So, Abraham and his people have sent the decision from that meeting to the Watchers (Watchers are unique angels who are sent to carry out duties on earth). The Watchers have sent the decision to the Almighty God. A final meeting is being held over the decision as I speak to you,” he is quoted as having said on Okay FM.



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