What should be done to a man who beats his wife to death for cheating on him?

A man has been captured in a video brutally beating his wife to death because she cheated on him. What do you think should be done to such a man?

A sickening video has been going viral on the social media where a man supposedly from an eastern African country, used an heavy object to repeatedly beat his wife till she passed out.

The man showed his savagery in the video by stripping his wife to her underwear and beat her real bad.

But the annoying part in the video is that there are onlookers watching the brutal beating without anyone doing anything to stop him.

After the when the woman fell down unconscious, the man dragged her away like a dead goat.

The video has drawn lots of condemnation, vile, anger and dissent from many who have seen it.

An international NGO has called on the government of that country to do everything to fish out the culprit and deal with him decisively.

On Morning Teaser today, we ask: what punishment do you think should be given out to the man?


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