Would you let go a child you nurtured for 10 years?

After nurturing a child for 10 years, is it possible to just hand him over to another man who claims to be the biological father of the boy?

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Johnson, a 43-year-old man who is very troubled by the deceit my wife of over 11 years played upon me.

I was dating my wife, Biola, back then when she told me that she was for me. I loved her so much and I quickly informed my family and we did the needful and

Seven months later, she gave birth to a baby boy, who has come to be an only son.

But my dilemma stems from the fact that a month ago, a man came to my house to inform me that he is the real father of the boy. He said that he was actually the one who got Biola pregnant and could not marry her since he was still a student.

I was shocked at this revelation. I went to report the issue to our pastor and he called Biola to confront her.

In his presence, she confessed that she was actually impregnated by the fellow and begged for my forgiveness.

Now the man and his family has been giving me serious pressure to hand over the boy to them, even threatening to go to any length to get him from me.

Dear Pulse readers, please I need your advise on what to do. How can I just hand over a boy I have nurtured for the past 10 years, a child I love with my very breath, a boy who looks up to me and calls me daddy, to another man?

I have been advised to go for a DNA test to confirm if the man is truly the boy's father but what if it turns out to be positive?


The ball is in your court now as we ask on Morning Teaser today: do you think Johnson should hand over the child to another man?


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