My husband says I should be ashamed of menstruating in his house every month – Woman cries

A woman who claimed to have been married for just a year and seven months is seeking advice on what to do as her husband and in-laws have ganged up to torment her for failing to give birth already.

A crying woman reported the story of the disturbed woman simply identified as Mercy.


According to the news website, the woman claimed to have had surgery earlier this year to remove fibroids causing her painful cramps.

But one year and seven months into the marriage and not having a child, her husband and his family are not being considerate with her at all.

“My husband said that I am not ashamed to be menstruating in his house every month yet I am married woman,” Mercy lamented.


She said her attempt to report her husband’s mistreatment to his father [her father-in-law] elicited a rather disappointing response.

“By now you are supposed to have given me grandchildren into this family because children are the Joy and happiness of marriage,” Mercy quoted her father-in-law as having said to her.

She further bemoaned how her husband’s younger brother has refused to eat her food and chosen to remind her of her childlessness at the least opportunity.

She revealed that the brother-in-law has lost so much respect for her that he barges into her bedroom without first knocking, and even met her once almost naked.


Mercy who appears to have been fed up with the mental and emotional torture says: “I'm thinking of filing a divorce against him.”

Her husband has made his brother his next of kin instead of her until she bears him a child.



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