In the video, the lady is heard asking the minister when he is going to be in Europe. Albert Kan-Dapaah responded saying "Tuesday or Wednesday."

"Are you going to miss me when you are on the flight," the lady asked him. "Of course I am, of course, of course," the minister responded.

The lady then requested to see what the minister was wearing in the night video call.

"I am in a pajamas," he told the lady.

He then showed the lady the full length of his pajama.

"I wish I could have hug you," he told the lady. "I did that day and it was so nice."

"You put me to sleep immediately," he said.

"A hug from me will put you to sleep eh?" the lady asked Kan-Dapaah.

"The last time you did to me, didn't it put me to sleep," the National Security Minister responded.

"It did, it put you straight to sleep," she said in return.

There is no confirmation of how the video got to social media to start the conversation.

Watch the video below.