“Non-violent rape should be legalised and victims should simply co-operate by carrying condoms” – Filmmaker

Of all things in this world, a filmmaker chose to not only comment on such a delicate issue as rape but also went ahead to advocate for its legalization.

Spousal rape

While reacting to the death of Priyanka Reddy, 27, a vet who was raped by a man who offered to help her, Daniel Shravan, an Indian filmmaker said rape is "not a serious thing", so victims should simply "co-operate".


Priyanka was reportedly raped last week and her charred body was found under an overpass near Hyderabad in India.

Despite the global advocacy against sexual violence, the filmmaker’s view is that rapists should not be made to pay for rape perpetrated on their victims, rather, the victims should always be prepared for it.


According to Shravan, rapists resort to killing their victims for fear of being prosecuted, so the laws that frown on the act should be lifted to assure them of safety after the act.

"Rapists are not finding a way to get their bodily sexual desires and getting these killing thoughts. An evil thought provokes crime (Killing). Better, women should accept Men’s Sex,” Daniel Shravan suggested, adding "Rape is not a serious thing, but murder is inexcusable. The government should legalise rape without violence for the safety of women."


His comments triggered so much condemnation online with people threatening to boycott his films.

One angry person said: "What kind of sick mentality does he have? Disgusting and disturbing. I am tired of this misogyny and victim-blaming."

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