Chaos inside airplane as captain asks "able-bodied" passengers to arrest flight attendant (video)

Chaos ensued onboard a Delta Air Lines flight as the captain asked all able-bodied men to team up and subdue an unruly flight attendant who allegedly going to cause an accident.

Passengers subdue unruly flight attendant as captain calls for help

He was allegedly attempting to commandeer the plane’s PA system which could endanger the plane and its occupants.

The captain of the flight sought the help of passengers to arrest and subdue him.

A video captures the passengers pouncing on the flight attendant who was wearing a helmet and kneepads before taming him eventually.


The video from inside Friday’s Delta Flight 1730 from Los Angeles to Atlanta shows several passengers and crew members pinning down the off-duty worker with one person telling him "stay down, man!"

The attendant could be heard screaming for help, saying: "Help me, help me, Jesus! Help me, Jesus! Somebody help me! Somebody help me!"

Not less than five people managed to bring the flight attendant under control as he allegedly tried to open the cockpit door and tried to take over the aircraft’s intercom.


The plane later diverted to Oklahoma City where the off-duty worker was arrested by police.

FBI spokeswoman Megan Lauro reportedly told the New York Times that the attendant was jailed and was being questioned by authorities.

Meanwhile, CBS Los Angeles reported Delta Airlines as having disputed the claim that the attendant tried to open the cabin door.



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