Sacked Zimbabwean Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa has joined others to put pressure on his former boss, Robert Mugabe to step down as president of the country.

Mr. Mnangagwa was sacked by president Mugabe about two weeks ago which has led to the political crisis in Zimbabwe now.

Despite pressure from the citizenry, other African leaders, the ZANU-PF party which was cofounded by president Mugabe himself as well as the impeachment process that is ongoing in the country’s parliament today, all geared towards making the 93-yearold president resign, he remains defiant.

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In a statement released on Tuesday, the former vice president, also known as “The crocodile” said “His Excellency, Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe has always said that if the people don’t want him he will leave office, now that they have spoken he must now ACCEPT the will of the people and resign.

“President Mugabe in his televised State of the Nation Address admitted to a number of a latent disregard to the interest of the people and dereliction of duty, surely after making such an admission common sense dictates that it should have been followed by an apology and immediate resignation to save the legacy of our struggle.

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“In my conversation with the president I told him that there are two options, that is (a) to co-operate in the current negotiations with comrades from the defence forces for a peaceful resolution of this crisis, which would result in the preservation of his legacy. (b) that if he continues to dig in, in defiance of the will of the people, he might suffer humiliation because definitely the will of the people will prevail against one person.

“l am aware that the nation at large has been protesting against the incumbent and I believe they have a right to protest in terms of our constitution. I am also aware that the party has passed resolutions in terms of the party constitution. They have a right to do so. I will not stand in the way of the people and my party.” – Mr. Mnangangwa stated.

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The 75-year-old former vice president who is currently out of Zimbabwe while the uneasiness prevails said he will only return after peace is restored.

“I told the President that I would not return home now until I am satisfied of my personal security, because of the manner and treatment given to me upon being fired,” he added.