Prisoners are responsible for most MoMo fraud; some inmates use iPhone – Ex-prisoner tells it all (video)

An ex-prisoner has disclosed that inmates engage in worse criminal activities while inside Ghana’s prisons than what led to their imprisonment.


According to the man who spoke in an interview with UTV, the prisons are supposed to be places of rehabilitation but they end up worsening the prisoners and they come out to be hardened criminals.

He revealed that most of the fraudulent activities that go on in the country are perpetrated by inmates although they don’t have freedom.

He said although they are in prison, they control most activities outside, including Mobile Money fraud, strange calls from people claiming to be mallams, people claiming to be stranded at the airport among other common fraudulent activities.

The man who said it is God’s grace that can help prisoners alleged that some prison officials are aware of the activities inside the prisons, adding that some inmates even use iPhones in the prisons.

As if all the above revelations were not frightening enough, he added that criminal activities inside Ghana’s prisons are so established that they even cut mobile phone SIM cards in there that they use for their operations.

He also touched on how he sometimes ingests Indian Hemp coming from outside the prisons into his anus to sell to inmates at exorbitant prices after which he gives the money to a certain prison officer.

From his narration, it appears that some of the monies that mobile money agents and individual users of the various digital platforms lose to criminals end up in prisons.

He said he was jailed for a narcotic-related offence and he spent 10 years in prison before coming out.

He was arrested at Kumasi Central and transferred to Nsawam prison in 2011, June 4.

Watch him in the video below as he narrates the shocking story:

Meanwhile, the Director of Public Affairs of the Ghana Police Service, Supt. Sheilla Kessie Abayie-Buckman has revealed that some staff of Telcos are involved in the robbery of Mobile Money agents across the country.

According to her, the investigations conducted into Mobile Money robberies have led to some staff of telcos and people close to the MOMO agents.

“There have been cases where we have traced suspects to the staff of Telcos and people who live around them,” Supt. Abayie-Buckman said Several Mobile Money agents have been the target of armed robbers in recent weeks across the country. Last week, heavily armed men attacked an agent in Bantama in Kumasi and made away with over Ghc200, 000.

Over the weekend another agent was robbed at Klagon in Accra in broad daylight with an estimated sum of 2,000 cedis stolen. Several other agents have been robbed in the country with some sustaining gunshot wounds or losing their lives in the process.

Supt Buckman encouraged MOMO agents not to set up their business at secluded locations.

“It’s not just about night alone. Depending on where you are, you may be attacked day or night. So we should look at the premises in general. Operating late at night is one thing we must guard against. More importantly, operating in an area where you could be attacked," she said to Starr Morning.


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